sábado, 7 de octubre de 2017

Memories book

Hola again!!!! This time I want to share with you this new project I made for a wedding in Ensenada's Vineyard, that´s so nice!!! and was really inspirational for me since it was requested
As soon as they told me it's going to be a wedding in a vineyard the idea came to my mine, because I really think is so romantic!!

Fot the cover, the central and most important part of this book, I knew I had to make some grapes,
so I made some with handmade clay paste, and then ink them with distress inks and finnally a beat of mother of pearl Nuvo mousse, trying to find the grapes shine ;)

Also I knew it has to be a barrell, so I made it with out dies, cause I don't have one, so I punched some circles and the last layer embossed with wood embossed folder, for the tap I used the scraps from my cropadile!! :)

Inside the cover is the CD'envelope and some words to the the bride and groom form mom

the back I wanted to embelleshed a beat so I used this beautiful doilly by prima.
I hope you like it! I'm really pleased with the result, next you can follow the video, if you have question or comments feel free to ask ;)

Thanks so much for stopping here!!! see you soon :)

martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

P.O. Box stand

Hi! I'm so happy to share with you this project I'been thinkink for a while, but finnally I found the time to make it, is a old fashing P.O. Box stand

It´s really big, but I need it to be like that, cause I'm planning to use it in my candy bars

Inside all this 12 spaces, I'm going to put the favor boxes, so there's a lot of space, maybe 40 favors can be accomodated there :)

I fussy cutted from typhografy collection from Graphic 45 to embellish it

and this little box and the containers, are glue down to the stand and are for decoration.
Thank you for stopping again, here´s the link to the video, have a wonderful time, until next time :)

lunes, 14 de agosto de 2017

Quinceañera present and invitations

Hi!! I want to share with you this  beautiful projet for a quinceañera, they request the invitations, and I beleive they are really delicate and pretty; the Tim Holtz die is awesome for this kind of projects

I really love how this colors combined so well, elegant choice!!

They also request a book for signatures and memories to be used during the party, with same colors, plus dusty pink:

I enjoyed so much making this project!!! Also made the album, and as a present I gave to the mom a tag, so she can write there some words to her daughter :)

I love so much how this project came out, and I hope you liked too! Thanks for stopping here! ;)

miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Hola de nuevo! Hi again! I let you here a new journal book that I made for a present
I cover the name inside the frame with glossy accents, as well as the perfume bottle

The scissors are hanging of seam binding to separate the pages

The lovely envelope has some papers inside and the @TimHoltz cup die is to write something at the back

The little envelope at the top is to keep bussiness cards

Love the result! and i hope you too ;)

Thanks for visit my blog again, here´s the link with the video

jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

Tutorial Mini Beads

Hello again! As I promised in my last post, here´s the video tutorial how do I make my own mini beads for embellishment ;)
As you can watch in the video is so easy and fun to make them, but the best part is how pretty they look in your projects, as this mis media projects I posted already

They add a little bit of texture to them, I hope this is helpfull fr you.
Thanks for cameback, and enjoy crafting :D

miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Isabella´s candy bar

Hola Again!!
This time I want to share with you the latest candy bar for Isabella´s First Communion

This was requested 10 days before!! so I really work as fast as I could, but I´m happy with the result, and most important, Isabella and her mom were more happy!

In this favors I place the spicy nuts. The favors were covered with @Nuvo pink mousse and a @Tim Holtz stencil, and I really love them

In this favors made also with a @Tim Holtz dies were the soft nut cookies, I also made the flowers with the bigz dies from sizzix/Tim Holtz, they were adorable! and the cookies delicious

I was also requested to make a little notebbooks for gifts, they became so pretty, in the next post I´ll place more pics of them ;)

For this display I wanted to make something different so I made a mix media with her name, It was so adorable!! I´ll make a tuto in how do I made it :D

And finnally I wanted to do something different to say is a first communion!! the best part of this mix media is that I gave it to Isabella and she´ll put her pic on it ;)
Thanks for stopping here again, This is the video of this candy bar, Feel free to leave a comment ;)