viernes, 6 de abril de 2018

"Graphic 45 2018 Brand Ambassador Audition"

Hi there! I'm so happy to participate in Graphic 45 Ambassador call 2018.
It's been a real journey!!! I love to create albums for different occasions, this is one of the things that I love so much of scrapbooking, because they will be always part of somebody's history, is a privilege for me!
Since the first time I saw a graphic 45 papers I was in love, because they remind me the happy
childhood I had with my grant parents; My grandfather had an old office plenty of incredible stuffs!!
SO, this project is an album I made for my daughter, I already made so many albums but none for her, and before the call was announced,when I saw this collection, I was so sure this was perfect for her, she born in a little town surrounded by beautiful beaches, and she really love to swim in the sea
In the cover I included a water shaker element to increase the interest

In this page are to pockets, one with sand and the other the water shaker element again

The colors are so bright and beautiful!!! I woke up at 5:30 to make the pic and get the most beautiful sunrise!

With a lot of space for pics and memories of course,

I really enjoyed making this pop up page! was so funny!!! the turtles are "swiming" when the page is open :)

Inside this large envelope there's a notebook

And here's the video presentation, don't miss it! 

The second project with tutorial included is the beautiful stand with album I made with Little Darlings collection; I chose that, because that´s the other thing I love so much, create with chipboard;
I think is a real challenge try to do it from cero, just because is in your head Lol!! I learned there are not mistakes, are opportunities to making better :)

This doors were a headache, but I don't care if has to be done 3, 4 times, no matter, is the feeling when you see what you create with your heart, helped by your hands :)

The paper collection is so sweet!!! there´s no place to mistakes!

So sad my daughter grew up; now it belongs to a baby girl soon to born in Panamá, that makes me so happy

Here´s the video tour
And here´s the Stand tutorial

And here´s the album tutorial

I thank you Graphic 45 for the incredible chance to participate!!!!!
Thanks Becky and Javi, my beloved kids, for your help in
this special journey! 

domingo, 1 de abril de 2018


Hola! aquí estoy de nuevo, feliz de poder compartir con ustedes éste hermoso álbum hecho para una jovencita
Fué un trabajo hecho con poco tiempo, asi que tuve que recurrir a los papeles que voy comprando en etsy y la verdad nunca decepcionan, especialmente luego de darles algún tratamiento que los haga lucir aun mas. Que les parece ésta portada? a mi me encantó la combinación de colores, muy bella, muy para jovencitas y los teminados muy finos.

Como verán tiene mucha capacidad para guardar fotos y para que escriba tantas memorias como quiera

quiero aclarar que algunos papeles me los diseñó mi hija, quien es diseñadora gráfica entre otras cosas, como el que se aprecia en el bolsillo inferior de la hoja del lado derecho en la siguiente foto, me encantó lo que me hizo!!

Y como siempre, me fascina incluir una sorpresa como las páginas pop up, ésta es diferente a otras pero muy linda también

Y el amplísimo sobre del final para poder guardad más fotos y recortes, una jovencita SIEMPRE tiene muchos recuerdos que guardar ;)

For the english readers here are the measurements of the covers and pages, if you need more info, ask please

Y aquí les dejo el video de presentación, 

Y el tutorial :)

No olviden visitarme de nuevo y suscribirse a mi canal! Gracias por visitarme :)


Hola!! I loved this project so much, you'll tell me what do you think?
With the beautiful collection Little Darlings by G45 I made this stand with an album for a little baby girl

Look at this!!!! I'm in love with it!! to bad my girl is already 23! :/ so has been sold, and is in Panamá already :)

There´s a lady in YT I don't know her name because I dont' even recognize her language, but she's great with chipboard and I took inspiration from her, Magic Cloud 9

Mine is different because I added the center piece with doors to keep the, the first hair cut, all the theet, and everything we, all the moms love to keep from our children :)

It includes a mini album, so sweet!!! becuase the papers are sttuning! love G45!!!

the album has 6 pages and easily can hold 25/30 pics

I think is so pretty! I hope you like it too

This images are sooo adorable!!

Here's the presentation video:

the stand tutorial video:

And this is the album tutorial:

Thank you so much for visit my blog, hope you like this project, I really do :) Come back soon!!!